Ettinger Spectrum Glasses Case- Blue

Ettinger Spectrum Glasses Case- Blue

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The Spectrum Glasses Case in cobalt blue has a powdery blue soft suede interior. The combination of this tone, the golden popper and logo gives this case an almost royal elegance from the inside out. The soft suede interior keeps your most valued glasses safe from being scratched and the nosepiece on the inside will support the glasses, protecting them and allowing for an easy closing of the popper. The popper in the front is decorated with the Ettinger monogram. The curved base makes the glasses case a comfortable accessory to hold and its small size allows it to be kept even in the smallest bag. Please check the size guide below before purchasing, larger glasses may not fit in this glasses case

Outside leather:

dressed calf leather

Inside leather:

pig suede

Features list:

centered nosepiece,

popper fastening


17cm X 6.5cm X 4cm (closed)

Net weight:

70g approx.


handmade Ettinger gift box

Product care:

wipe clean with a soft damp cloth,

leave to dry naturally, then follow the

specific instructions for the leathers.

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