Horn Comb – 070

Horn Comb – 070

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Irish Cattle Horn Comb – Made in Germany                                19.1cm length

As this is a natural product colours may vary.

The choice of high quality horn- the pronounced horn grain – The highest level of craftsmanship in the manufacture of these products make them unique and very popular.

So that you can enjoy your horn product for a long time, we ask you to follow our care instructions.

Natural products made from horn dry out after a certain period of time without careful care, especially in connection with moisture, and are then particularly prone to breakage.
Natural products made from horn require regular care with oil in order to counteract the drying out and the risk of breakage. Avoid long contact with water, as the horn can swell. Dry Heat and direct light in particular often lead to long horn products, e.g. hair combs, from bending. Do not directly expose your product to these external circumstances.




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