Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponges

Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponges

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Honeycomb sponges are super soft and absorbent. Their unique texture exfoliates the skin in a gentle, caring and natural way for a truly pampering experience. Sea sponges are 100% natural, biodegradable and durable.

Origin: East Mediterranean

Approximate sizes:

HC/4W- 8cm Width

HC/5W- 10cm Width

HC/6W- 13cm Width

HC/7W- 16cm Width

HC/8W- 18cm Width

HC/9W- 20cm Width


Measurements are approximate to give an idea of the size, due to them being a natural product, sizes and shapes do vary. Prices of these sponges are measured on volume and weight.

Care Tips: After every use rinse well and squeeze out all excess water, then allow to dry naturally. Do Not bleach, boil, machine wash, wring or twist the sponge. Avoid putting shower gel/soap directly onto the sponge. Check your sponge before use, for any impurity.

Due to the nature of these goods, we do not accept returns on these items.