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    Product of The Week – Lemon and Vetiver Face Wash

    Everybody knows you’re supposed to wash your face, but using normal hand or bath soaps could do more harm than good. The face has a different balance of natural oils to the rest of the body and therefore requires a gentler, specifically designed soap or wash.

    It is not recommended to wash the face every day as you will remove too many natural oils. A couple of times a week will keep the skin healthy and looking fresh. For gentlemen, this can be incorporated as part of your shaving routine and lead to a closer shave. Using Lemon and Vetiver Face Wash with warm water will soften and raise the bristles, allowing the razor to cut closer. The fresh fragrance of Lemon and Vetiver is pleasingly vibrant to both men and women and ideal for use by both.

    For those living in urban environments the increased pollution levels and particulates in the environment means that the importance of incorporating regular face washing into your routine is even higher.

    Available to purchase here.

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