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    Beard Oil and Beard Care

    D. R. Harris Beard Oil and Beard BrushWhat is beard oil? Do I need to use it? What does the brush do? What is in beard oil? Why is my beard so itchy? When will it end? We attempt to answer some of your questions on the early stages of growing a beard...As the men about town have recently become the men about (dressing) gown, we’ve seen an uptick in the growth of facial hair and have had some questions on the best way to manage it. It’s a good time to experiment with a new look, espe...Read More

    Planting A Tree With Every Purchase

    About Eden Reforestation Projects Since June 2018 D. R. Harris has been partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects in a tree planting initiative to plant a tree for every purchase made in our shops and on our website. Additionally, five trees are planted with every wholesale order placed. Eden Projects were founded in 2004 and their mission is to reduce extreme poverty through the restoration of healthy forests.Eden Projects started their work in Ethiopia and have active projects in Madagasca...Read More

    Product of the Week – Milk of Cucumber and Roses

    [caption id="attachment_2616" align="alignleft" width="152"] D. R. Harris Milk of Cucumber and Roses in 100ml Dispenser.[/caption]Milk of Cucumber and Roses is a true D. R. Harris stalwart. This is one of our very oldest products, and whilst our archives are sadly quite scarce, we have found mentions of this going back over 125 years.Whilst the fresh combination of cucumbers and roses has always been present, the formulation has modified over the years and the current product has a simple fo...Read More

    Product of The Week – Moisture Cream

    [caption id="attachment_2537" align="alignleft" width="300"] D. R. Harris Moisture Cream[/caption]The importance of moisturising is not to be underestimated. Whether to extend the life of a tan in the summer or to keep the ravages of a cold British winter at arms length, it is a year-round necessity. Using a good moisturiser on a regular basis will make the skin look brighter, more youthful, and feel better.Part of our Originals collection of classic skincare favourites, D. R. Harris Moi...Read More

    Shaving Brushes – The Definitive Guide

    Should you be using a shaving brush and which is the most suited to you?We firmly believe that introducing a shaving brush into your daily shaving routine is one of the easiest ways to exponentially increase your enjoyment of a daily necessity. It is probably fair to say that in the world of grooming and beauty products, differences in performance will always be fairly marginal. However, a good shaving brush, in conjunction with high quality soap or cream, produces a product that is really ...Read More

    Product of The Week – Lemon and Vetiver Face Wash

    Everybody knows you’re supposed to wash your face, but using normal hand or bath soaps could do more harm than good. The face has a different balance of natural oils to the rest of the body and therefore requires a gentler, specifically designed soap or wash.It is not recommended to wash the face every day as you will remove too many natural oils. A couple of times a week will keep the skin healthy and looking fresh. For gentlemen, this can be incorporated as part of your shaving routi...Read More

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