Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl

Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl

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Our Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl has been introduced for those looking for the most sustainable method of shaving. Our wooden shaving soap bowls will last for years, but can suffer if they get wet repeatedly, without being dried. Some people also wish to reduce the amount of wood they are responsible for consuming and a ceramic bowl is a good option in these circumstances.

Made by one of the most respected potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of English china and earthenware, these attractive bowls mimic our popular wooden bowls. Our logo is on one side and the signature of our founder, Daniel Rotely Harris, is on the other. The finish has been glazed but not coloured so that the natural colour of the clay can be appreciated.

The Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl does not include shaving soap but the bowl has been designed to take our Shaving Soap Refills.