Grether’s Pastilles – Blackcurrant

Grether’s Pastilles – Blackcurrant

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Grether’s Pastilles – Blackcurrant

The incomparable fruity yet mild essence gives these soothing pastilles their distinct flavour and deep dark colour. Grether’s Pastilles Blackcurrant are available with sugar and as a sugar-free version sweetened with maltitol syrup and acesulfame-K.

Take Grether’s Pastilles Blackcurrant as soon as you notice the first signs of discomfort and enjoy the intensive fruit flavour of blackcurrants with all your senses.

Blackcurrants are one of the most vitamin C-rich fruits. They support the immune system. They contain ingredients that strengthen the gums, soothe sore throats and protect the voice.

Only sun-ripened fruits are used in Grether’s Pastilles. The fruits are only harvested when they have fully developed their intensive aroma and soothing effect. The berries are then carefully hand-picked and processed with care and expertise.


Grether’s Pastilles Blackcurrant

Glucose syrup, sugar, food-grade gelatine, molasses, acidifier (citric acid), blackcurrant juice (1.7%), glycerine (0.5%), thickener (agar-agar), vegetable oil (coconut oil and rapeseed oil), coating agent (beeswax), flavouring, colouring agent (vegetable carbon)