The Original Pick-Me-Up

The Original Pick-Me-Up

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D. R. Harris are delighted to re-introduce their famous ‘morning reviver,’ The Original Pick-Me-Up, in a reimagined form as a Cocktail Bitters. The previous version of Pick-Me-Up which was served as a hangover cure at 29 St. James’s Street from the 1860s up until the early 2000s was a tonic and as such this bitters follows a very similar formula.

While we have stayed close to the original formula which primarily included gentian, cloves and cardamon, this new version has a whole host of additional ingredients included to increase efficacy but also to improve the taste.

The previous incarnation of Pick-Me-Up was favoured far-and-wide for its effectiveness, however, it was not prized for its taste or aroma. With the help of Bob from Bob’s Bitters, this version goes some way to addressing these shortcomings.

In fact, The Original Pick-Me-Up Cocktail Bitters taste so good and have such a unique flavour profile that they act as an excellent addition to many of your favourite cocktails and soft drinks. Alongside these, you can easily recreate the original Pick-Me-Up as was served in the shop. Quite simply:

10-15 dashes Original Pick-Me-Up Cocktail Bitters
60ml Water
1 x Effervescent vitamin tablet of your choice

Once the tablet has been dissolved and the draught has been drunk any signs of jadedness will dissipate and all will be right with the world.

Much more information and recipes available at

Made in England
34% ABV.
Not suitable for consumption during pregnancy.


Ethanol, Lemon Peel, Cardamon, Raw Honey, Ginger Root, Water, Sugar, Ginseng Root, Liquorice Root, Regent’s Park Honey, Cloves, Benzoin, Calamus Root, Milk Thistle, Cassia Bark, Gentian Root, Bergamot.

May contain traces of nuts and gluten.

34% ABV.

Not recommended for consumption during pregnancy.

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