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    Product of the Week – Milk of Cucumber and Roses

    D. R. Harris Milk of Cucumber and Roses in 100ml Dispenser.

    Milk of Cucumber and Roses is a true D. R. Harris stalwart. This is one of our very oldest products, and whilst our archives are sadly quite scarce, we have found mentions of this going back over 125 years.

    Whilst the fresh combination of cucumbers and roses has always been present, the formulation has modified over the years and the current product has a simple formulation which is parabens-free. Although used by many men, Cucumber and Roses is one product that is particularly popular with women. It can be used as a light cleanser as well as a base layer for make-up or simply as a face and body lotion.

    We are delighted to have extended this excellent fragrance into a Hand Cream in recent years and this comes in a 50ml tube which is ideal for pockets, handbags, desk drawers: wherever you may need it!

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